‘We Care’ – Corporate Social Responsibility

Boulevard’s Mission

Boulevard is designed to be the leading family shopping, entertainment and recreational destination in the State of Kuwait, with the commitment to serve the country, the community and the environment.

Boulevard’s Vision

Boulevard is set to redefine tourism in the region, bringing an all-innovative dimension to the real estate industry, while fervently contributing in the promotion of the state of Kuwait on the world tourism map.

The Lobby

The lobby is an initiative launched by our parent company, Al Tijaria, aiming to support young Kuwaitis to exploit their innovative and business potentials. By the same token, Boulevard welcomes young entrepreneurs who wish to establish a private business at Kuwait’s premier destination, offering them highly discounted leasing opportunities.

Plant A Tree In My Country

Plant a tree in My Country 

Al Tijaria and Al Salmiya Group started Pant a Tree initiative as part of its ‘We Care’ about the society, environment and health. This is ongoing event and happens every year.

Objective of the Campaign:

  • to encourage people, communities, organizations civil society to collectively plant trees all around Kuwait.
  • spread awareness on how important nature is for us.
  • stop global warming.