As unique as the rest of its sections, Boulevard sports area embodies an unmatched diversity of playgrounds for the largest compilation of sports in Kuwait.

Sport Fields are open for the public 02:00 PM – 08:00 PM (All Week Days), access to the playgrounds requires a prior reservation.

To inquire about the availability of the playgrounds, Please send us an email on

Football Fields

Practice the world’s most shared passion, football, at Boulevard’s world-class courts. Boulevard features 5 world-class mini-football courts and 2 legal football fields. All fields are available throughout the day thanks to the state-of-the art flood lights.

Basketball Courts

2 courts with flood lights

Tennis Courts

The world-class tennis court allows you to enjoy the full advantages of clay surfaces. The court is regularly maintained so you can enjoy its superb flatness every time you play.

Cricket Field

This stadium doesn’t only allow cricket lovers a rare opportunity to enjoy their favorite sport, but it also allows a decent number of spectators to attend and enjoy the games taking place.

Jogging / Walking Tracks

Surrounded by the most magnificent landscape in Kuwait, the 6 k.m long track allows you to enjoy your day-to-day walking or jogging routine in a beautiful and a motivating ambience.